Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Spanish human tower festival

Who: Human Tower club called Xiquets 

Where: Tarraco arena and Taragona human tower team Xiquets
When: 7th May, 2017

Why: They have a festival every year and it is part of their culture.

What happened: Dem Hitchcock (reporter) went to Spain to the town called Taragona. He went to the Xiquets Human Tower Club to help and he got a shirt that said Xiquets on it. He also got to take part for the Xiquets team in the grand final at the 2017 Human Tower festival.

The first human tower was about 200 years ago in the 1700's. Xiquets is the oldest club in Taragona and there is a lot more in Tarragon as well. Xiquets did not win. 

My opinion:  I hope they win next year and I wonder if they could make a tower 20 levels high. The winner this year had a tower that was 10 levels high.
click here to watch video

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