Monday, 27 March 2017

Train tunnel built into apartments

Who: Chongqing people

Where: Chongqing South-West of China

When: 27th of March

Why: So engineers don't have to make the tracks go round buildings.

What: The City Chongqing has more than 8.2 million people. There is not enough room on the ground to lay tracks so they are going to make the engineering easier. The engineers are building the tracks through motels (apartments) so if they need to get somewhere urgent they could hop on the train and go.

My opinion: Is that its a good idea but what would people do to get past the tracks. The tracks are down low and they normally have signs that say don't cross the tracks.

Glossary: apartments- places people can stay for a long time.

Source: kiwi kids news

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  1. wow jet i wonder if the train is a elitric train or a fuel train