Thursday, 4 September 2014


Sharks and Rays

Sharks belong in the same place as rays also they don't have bones.
What are sharks?
Many people are afraid of sharks because they eat your leg.
Kinds of sharks
There are more than 350 kinds of sharks.
Kinds of rays
There are 600 kinds of rays known.
Shark Sizes
The most smallest shark is Spined Pygmy. It grows to 15cm.
Shark shapes
The mako shark is the fastest shark in the sea.
The Angel shark has a flat body because it lies in the sand.
Sharks can see,hear,smell,taste and touch.
They also have a sense that lets them feel vibrations.
Sharks and rays breathe by taking oxygen out of the water with their gills.
Take a bite
Sharks scales are made of the same stuff as their teeth.
Sharks have bitten lots of people in the world because they think they're food.

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  1. Wow! That is great typing Jet. I'm glad you are enjoying learning about sea creatures. :-) From Mum x