Sunday, 29 June 2014

Golden Bay

On a sunny Saturday my Grandad called my mum and said, can Otis and Jet come to Golden Bay. Me and Otis said, "yes". We came home and Grandad came, we got in the car and went. When we got to Motueka we went to the market and bought some sausages for dinner. But then we went to Takaka hill to go to our bach. When I go on that hill I get sick. When we got to Golden Bay we watched Mr Bean, he is a funny man and I love watching him. Then we had dinner we had chips and sausages and then me and Otis had a bath and then went to bed. 
On Sunday in the morning we went for an amazing walk, I love walking on the beach. We walked around the side and looked. There were new houses except, one it never get broken it was amazing. Then we went the back way and it was muddy. Then we went to my special boat, it was a ship wreck. Next we went to the another side of the beach and we saw some old stuff. Then we went to our bach and had some lunch. Finally we went to the harbour and Grandad got out the water. After Grandad got the water out and me and Ontis played and the we had another walk, it was amazing.

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