Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Three fire fighters injured in Ashburton blaze

Three fire fighters injured in Ashburton blaze

Who: Three fire fighters.

Where: Ashburton, NZ

When: 4.12.2017

What: Three firefighters have been badly injured at a farm feed processing plant. The blaze was so big it took eight hours to get the blaze under control. The three firefighters suffered bad burns to their legs and had to get sent to ashburton hospital one firefighter has been discharged. Plus the cause of the blaze is unknown.

My opinion is I feel sorry for the firefighters and I'm happy the fire is out and I'm also happy one firefighter is out of hospital.
I wonder what the cause of the fire was. I wonder how the fire fighters got their burns. I wonder how big the fire was.

Glossary: discharged: send a patient out of hospital for a reason.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Thousands stranded as Bali volcano erupts

Thousands stranded as Bali volcano erupts

Who: Bali people.

Where: Bali in Indonesia 

When: 27.11.17

What: Indonesia has raised a warnings because Mt Agung Volcano is going to erupt. They have closed the airport told the people around the mountain to evacuate their homes. Balis airport was closed 24 hours Monday morning Disrupting 445 flights and nearly 59.000 passengers stuck in Bali. Video footage shows that lava is flowing on lots of sides of the mountain and on the side with Lahar  mud and large Boulders are falling and destroying anything in its path. residents have been told if your fithen 10km from volcano you need to evacuate. Agung rises over the eastern to 3,000m high.

My opinion is that I hope Bali does not get destroyed with the people. I wonder if the volcano will erupt. I wonder if the volcano will fully erupt soon.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Orca refloated after stranding on Marlborough beach

Orca refloated after stranding on Marlborough beach

Who: Orca and people from Marlborough.

Where: Marlborough Marfells beach.

When: 13th. November. 2017

What: A local lady from Marlborough called Anna Mclntosh found this Orca on Marfells beach during Sunday. The Orca was kept comfortable buy DoC, soldiers and volunteers. Army staff from NewZealand, Canada, United States of America and Australia helped dig a trench for the Orca to swim out. Now the Orca is out safely.

My Opinion is that I am happy the Orca is not stranded on the beach any more and I wonder how the Orca got stuck.


Sunday, 29 October 2017

Giant dent in Steven Adams plane

Who: Steven Adams and Oklahoma city Thunder

Where: Minneapolis to Chicaga

When: 28th. 10. 2017

Why: because on the way to Chicago they possibly hit a bird says Delta.

What: On the way from Minneapolis to Chicago Steven Adams team Oklahoma city Thunder possibly hit a bird on a very rough flight on a 757-200. The team safely landed and deplaned from there aircraft but very concerned.

My opinion I'm happy they landed safely. 

I Wonder if it was a bird I wonder if they have fixed the plane.

Monday, 23 October 2017

typhoon Lan hits Japan

Typhoon Lan hits Japan

Who: Japan people

Where: Japan
When: 23. October. 2017

Why: because of the weather.
What: There has been a rapidly weakening Typhoon in Japan called Typhoon Lan. It as caused landslides, flooding disrupted flights and train trips and it also has caused boats to be stranded and a cargo ship lifted by water onto the ports wharf. Two people have died from scaffolding and attending to there boat.
My opinion is I fell sorry for the people who have died 

I Wonder how big the typhoon was. I wonder how long people stayed in there houses.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Passengers and crew panic as AirAsia flight plunges 20,000 feet

Passengers and crew panic as Air Asia flight plunges 20,000 feet
Who: Passengers and crew of Air Asia flight QZ535
Where: Perth to Bali
When: 16.10.2017
What: On Air Asia flight QZ535 plunged 20,000 feet to the ground while passengers were all safely braced and had oxygen masks on. Some of the oxygen masks were not giving out oxygen and passengers were under stress as well as the crew. luckily the pilots got control of the aircraft and safely land back at Perth where they started.  
My opinion is I'm happy they landed safely. 
I Wonder if you should not go on that Airline and I wonder if they have found out what the problem was.